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Well, that's over 7 minutes of waiting and still no timer. I downloaded the program but without the key, it is useless to me, So now you are asking "What do you think about ..." Do you really want to know? Probably not. Going to delete the download now.


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Sorry. It seems that there is currently some problem with script. I will check it out and fix it. I have puted download link live direct on giveaway page.

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WiFi Password Recovery Pro description:
Instantly recover all your WiFi passwords in one click

Regular price of this software product is $29.95. In this giveaway you can get it for FREE!

Giveaway ends on January 25, 2020.

Visit the giveaway page for more information: WiFi Password Recovery Pro giveaway
So many help-screams? Tried it, it took about 1 second and it was in the inbox ....
So if You still want it, try again or change Your internet settings.