Why Windows 10?



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Instead of those stupid marketing names, they should just call it "Windows" and put a version number, like so many other programs do. Just my 2cents.


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I like it because of the design. Just that. If I could get that design on Windows XP (+ NET Framework 4.5, etc), I'd use XP :)

amber zara

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What i know is that Microsoft is always weird with the numbers they choose. As far as i know, versions goes as follows:
Windows 1.0, Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 9X (95, 98, ME) are version 4.0 (Windows 9x), Windows 2000 was version 5.0, Windows XP was version 5.1, Windows Vista was version 7. Windows 7 was version 7, thats how it got its name as Windows 7.
However, i was reading somewhere that the internal version numbers of Windows after Vista till Win 8.1 were kept at 6.X due to many issues that many third party softwares just use version 6 for compatibility comparison