Why do you read books?


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There are really a lot of reasons why I real books. The main one I suppose it's my desire to do it. When I find a really awesome and incrediable book I immediately start reading it and it's really hard to stop. But there are also another side of reading - when it is necessary for study ( like essay by using book you have read lately) I use some help of website that will write an essay for you because it's really hard for me to do it on my own..
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Why do I read books?

A great book takes you into the mind of the author. The reader quits thinking his thoughts which are replaced by the author's words. ...The author's experience/mind becomes yours.
Reading books is a very quick way to gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience of others without having to suffer their learning experience. The magic of reading is that the human mind is hardwired to automatically do this. It is a form of a "waking dream."

Thus, reading well-written books that can be a way of escaping the pain of the "human condition." It is profoundly better than drugs or dangerous risk-taking activities which people are using ever more as their escape from the pain of life. It can also serve as a cure for boredom, which can be one of life's greatest motivators toward destructive behavior.

As much as I love the internet, I have never found anything online that can compete with the best-written books that satisfy my mental taste bud.

*Personally, I hunt for the best-written biographies of the people who made our civilization great.

Fran Lebowitz — 'Think before you speak. Read before you think.'
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I must admit that I don't read books. Because all things I want to do there is no time for books