Which software do you hate the most?

Discussion in 'Other software' started by Dzi, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Dzi

    Dzi Administrator Staff Member

    Windows 8.1 Chrome 35.0.1916.153
    What is you most "hated" software product?

    I don't like Flash and its updates every few days.
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  2. DHRSG Archive

    DHRSG Archive Software guru

    Windows XP Firefox 31.0
    I have to say that I have found the "hate" since I started using products made by Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Google ... Like this I found the proof that making defectuous products can make you a billionaire :| ...
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  3. Joanna

    Joanna Advanced PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 31.0
    I don't hate but I don't love Internet Explorer because this browser is unsafe but sometimes I use it to import Favorites.
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  4. nvidia1997

    nvidia1997 Basic PC user

    Windows 8.1 Chrome 39.0.2171.95
    I don't like Java due to the often updates
  5. DragZy

    DragZy Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 34.0
    programs that I need to update several times a week
  6. daniel jee

    daniel jee PC user

    Windows 8.1 Waterfox 34.0
    Well, Frequent updates means better security and if no updates something fishy....
  7. jerzy gruszecki

    jerzy gruszecki PC guru

    Windows 8.1 Firefox 34.0
    I hate Adobe Flash Player because of its frequent breakdowns, always have any problems with it.:funny2:
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  8. maynak00

    maynak00 Advanced PC user

    Windows 8.1 IE 11.0
    flash player,adobe reader,itunes,ad supported free apps,adwares,fake softwares.
  9. Dodie

    Dodie Advanced PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 41.0.2272.89
    If you don't like apple iTunes . You can try amoyshare O2Tunes . Most popular iTunes alternative by transferring media files smoothly.
  10. Morticus_TXK

    Morticus_TXK Basic PC user

    Windows 8.1 Chrome 42.0.2311.90
    It's hard to pinpoint a software I hate. I don't like IE but there are some sites that refuse to work with alternatives. What makes it difficult to point-out a software that I hate is that if I don't like the way an interface is or if it just does not function. Is that there is almost always another program out there to do the same thing. I will try alternatives until I locate one that I am satisfied with. A go to for me when I want a program to perform a specific task ex. drive cloning, video playback or editing, anti-virus/malware, ect... is Majorgeeks.com linked here. The site has a menu system on the left which I am typically able to navigate through to get to a list of software that meets whatever I need. Another software resource I really like is especially useful after reloading a machine is ninite.com this site lets you pick from a list of software any or all that you want and it will install all that you choose.

  11. Teresa green

    Teresa green Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 42.0.2311.135
    from the top of my head I have to say internet explorer, wow... what a crappy browser. The only thing internet explorer is good for is to download your favourite browser and it has to be said on occasion not even that on Xp now you have to use explorer to download firefox so you can install chrome ! amazing
  12. Colin White

    Colin White Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 44.0.2403.130
    I don't like it too!!
  13. Kalju

    Kalju Software guru

    Windows Firefox 40.0
    Sorry, but there is no need to install Java. Of course, if you do not have some kind of crazy gambler.
    If you are a normal user, you do not need to install it.
  14. Kalju

    Kalju Software guru

    Windows Firefox 40.0
    Never have not had absolutely no problem! Interestingly, what problems you have?
  15. Kalju

    Kalju Software guru

    Windows Firefox 40.0
    But you are not obliged to use it, after all! What is the problem?
  16. Gman13

    Gman13 Learning to use PC

    Windows Chrome 44.0.2403.130
    Java because its annoying updates. Also I hate iTunes and fact that iPhone forces usage of iTunes
  17. galadriel

    galadriel Learning to use PC

    Windows 7 Chrome 44.0.2403.130
    I don't like Internet Explorer.
  18. tasiemka

    tasiemka Advanced PC user

    Windows Firefox 40.0
    Internet Explorer, Apple software ...
  19. summers

    summers Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 45.0.2454.93
    Some computer or system caring software, I hate them because it always consider some really useful ware as virus and blocked some helpful website.
  20. Gintaras

    Gintaras Learning to use PC

    Windows 7 Chrome 47.0.2526.106
    I hate flash and java.

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