Which browser is the fastest or the most lightweight or minimum memory usage?


Robert Lee

Basic PC user
Google Chrome is memory hungry browser.
Frankly, the easy to use and most native is Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The advantage overall other is the most supported browser especially in the commercial.

Most business website page and web form is design to run best with it.
The add on security need on java will not easy to be support where other browser hardly to render.

Sumeet Kumar

Learning to use PC
Had a quick google search and Found that Firefox is the fastest. I personally recommend firefox too, because I am its active user.

Else, You should try Chrome, Its awesome too, but a little more resource consuming.

And finally, I don't think there is any reason to recommend opera, Because it is built on chrome, and will provide you same speed as chrome, and will consume same resources as chrome do, and It lacks a number of addons that I need. So, I wouldn't recommend you Opera.


At strong computers, means to those who have a lot of RAM and processor is powerful does not matter what it is used, but on older computers with low power processors and with little RAM Chrome and Mozilla are too slow, my recommendation is the older version of the opera, means versions 12:16 and lower