What you prefer: Avast or Avira?


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I want to ask you: what anti-virus you prefer: Avast or Avira?

I on my computer prefer Avira but I had to be careful to don't install unnecessary Internet Browser extension's. On my Mom's laptop I installed Avast because is better for computer newbie and it can check you have a current software (I think better than module is Secunia). But Avast also install unnecessary extensions. :(
I think Avast is better than Avira, it has VPN that can bypass blocked websites.


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Avira ofc. That is the best for me, tried avast to, but its a bit to high usage for old machines.


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Avira 2017 is good at any time. The paid one is even more good. Avast is too resource consuming and has proven for me to not detect a few malware.

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Avira 2017 is quite remarkable i must say. I tried Avast but for some reason, it could not detect all sorts of spams, i mean it could detect alot of them..but just not all, which was a minus from my end, so i guess Avira wins it here.


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Avast for sure. More comfortable design as for me.
Avira. Avira is better and uses less system resources.
I don't use unnecessary and malicious junk, and if I want to see good design, I go to an art exhibition, but I never use Avast or Avira, because some of them look good.... or uses less resource. They are both useless junk.
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