What you prefer: Avast or Avira?


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I want to ask you: what anti-virus you prefer: Avast or Avira?

I on my computer prefer Avira but I had to be careful to don't install unnecessary Internet Browser extension's. On my Mom's laptop I installed Avast because is better for computer newbie and it can check you have a current software (I think better than module is Secunia). But Avast also install unnecessary extensions. :(


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In most cases when I need to install on someone else PC free AV solution I use Avast (although I prefer some other paid AV solutions).


I like a lot Download.hr
I am using both (Avast Premier and Avira Free) on separate partitions. There are some that Avast cannot detect that Avira can detect. But of course not all AV's detect all malware or infection all the time. But based on my user experience Avira has better detection than Avast.

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1- virus detection Avira
2- low resource avast
3- virus cleaning avira
4- false positive avira
5- feature avast
6- user friendly avast


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I would use Avira over Avast but that is just my preference, I feel Avira is lighter on
system and a lot less bloat. I am using Comodo at the moment but dont think it
will be staying much longer.


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I prefer Avira because sometimes Avast generate some problems of compability wit other software (version 2015).