What types of movies do you like most?

David Hagan

I like a lot Download.hr
I have watched some of the older movies lately. One left on the DVR is "Strange Day"
Anything with Al Pacino, Kurt Russell except for The Hateful Eight. That movie sucks. Plus anything with Samuel Jackson in it sucks even more,

amber zara

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I’ve been changing through different types of movie genre from times to times. I’ve tried horror, but couldn’t enjoyed it as much as my friend does. I’ve tried action, well, I liked it! But I absolutely hated extremely violent scenes where people fight and shoot guns everywhere, every time. I liked comedies too! I enjoyed laughing all along, but most of them didn’t have a good plot/ storyline.


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mostly i like comedy movies,i'm fan of rowan atkinson and watched all his movies like johhny english, mr bean's holiday, keeping mum etc.