What proxy software is best?



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If you're using Windows, you are without doubt the best Windows proxy.
If you are sometimes the need to hide your IP, then use Chrome or Firefox based browser and ZenMate. There can not be better solution. It's also fastest solution, what You can at all use.
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It is not always the best one that is made for sale. (this is done in order to get the money, and not for something else).
The market economy aim is to sell the maximum, rather than to produce the goods that you need.


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used couple of these before, but can't stand teh impact on my internet speed. End up uninstalling


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Windows 10 Chrome 70.0.3538.110
lots of free proxies are available as software as well as apps on windows store. what's your purpose though? jsut unblocking or privacy/encryption?


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Windows 7 Chrome 75.0.3770.100
I suppose I can't name the best one. The only thing I can certainly say that using vpn or proxy software is necessary to keep yourself safe in internet. Veepn was the last proxy-app I used and I was pleased with it