What is your favorite Windows OS?

What is your favorite Windows OS?

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Download.hr is simply the best
Actually, this is a big problem, that on the market is only for Windows and nothing else. Therefore, Windows can do what he wants, to sale any kind mess and ask whatever money.
Certainly, someone wants to say now, that is a Mac and Linux and PSD etc.. Do not make jokes. The children builds also castles in their sandbox, but these are not quite palaces.


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Windows 7, baby!!! I actually pre-ordered 8 last October---YIKES!!! Let's just say, in less than an hour, I had 8 back in the box on it's way back for a full refund.
It seems 8 is best for tablets & touch screens (which I don't have) so, my desktop & I are both happy with 7.

jerzy gruszecki

Can't get enough of Download.hr
my favorite was XP but since I bought a laptop with Windows 8 is to get used to this system, and even liked him.