What is your favorite video player?


Xavier Torres

Software guru
My favorite video player is VLC Media Player, because each type of file restores video. It is possible to have him on Pendrive and restore on each fix-up quietly, file each kind video. Besides, has on ameliorating quality of restored file other option allowing wile.


Basic PC user
My favorite player is Jet Audio (I use mine with DFX audio enhancer--rocks the house with surround) but I prefer Media Player Classic for video. I don't like the Windows default player lately---the sound is a bit choppy.

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Advanced PC user
My favorite video player is MPC-HC. It is a very light-weight open source player for Windows that always seems to work. I don't know why, but MPC always just works. MPC-HC alongside a Combined Community Codec Pack install can play pretty much everything.


Advanced PC user
My favourite video player is MPC-HC (old name - Media Player Classic)
I have also Power DVD by Cyberlink but it is too complicated. Zoom Player Pro is also good.


Basic PC user
Daum Pot Player, does every thing I need from a Video player and does it well and its free.