What is your favorite racing game?


I like a lot
I want to ask you: what is your favorite racing game?

My favorite racing game is Highway Pursuit. It's a connection two types of games: racing and shooter. You take tour in race and you must shoot to enemy cars and you should go as far as possible. In this game are various bonuses, and you should get new armament- this is not easy.

What is your favorite racing game?


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My favorite is colin mcrae rally 2. Is is old game but in that time was the best racing game.



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i remember cmr 2 at lan parties at the beginning of this millenium
my favourite one was Test Drive 2 on Amiga 500,
not to forget hard drivin'
on PC NFS3 was fun if the cars were modified via hex editor :sneaky:
Test Drive unlimited is the only one i've ever play through


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need for speed most wanted 2005,nf underground i miss that day hope for nfs underground 3