What is your favorite image browser?


Learning to use PC
what is wrong with just window viewer...... yeah... well if you are really insisted on opening a NSFW gif files or WEBM just use the google chrome (open the command window which is left click and open the picture file JPEG recommendedly with google chrome) also if you want to search something from a picture file you found or download or save just open the picture on google chrome and right click it and search it and there you go you found the pornstars you got a crush on (you can thank me if you know what a magnavox odessey was)


Basic PC user
My favorite image viewer is IrfanView, really the best! But also Fastone Image Viewer is not bad...


Basic PC user
My go to is Irfanview, it does not have a flashy interface but it is a powerful tool and updated in a timely fashion.