What is your favorite audio player

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dzi, Feb 14, 2014.


What is your favorite audio player?

  1. Winamp

  2. Foobar2000

  3. iTunes

  4. AIMP

  5. Windows media player

  6. VLC

  7. Some other

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Dzi

    Dzi Administrator Staff Member

    My was Winamp. Now I don't have favorite one
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  2. Tribanj

    Tribanj Software guru

    AIMP with DFX Audio Enhancer.
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  3. Myna

    Myna PC user

    jet audio always....
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  4. JamTrip

    JamTrip Learning to use PC

    Was Winamp years ago but now Aimp
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  5. Tablet

    Tablet Software guru

    Winamp, best audio player
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  6. Denis Orlić

    Denis Orlić Learning to use PC

    winamp is simple
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  7. DHRSG Archive

    DHRSG Archive Software guru

    Primary, I use Winamp
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  8. Joanna

    Joanna Advanced PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 27.0
    From these software's my favorite audio player is Foobar2000.
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  9. suutamphanmem

    suutamphanmem PC user

    Windows XP CoRom 31.0.1650.65
    I'm using WMP 12 :)
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  10. Fuad

    Fuad Learning to use PC

    Windows 7 Chrome 33.0.1750.154
    I prefer VL.. audio n video player in pack. with more control setting.
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  11. dlista72

    dlista72 Basic PC user

    Windows Vista Firefox 27.0
    I'm partial to the Comet Player that comes packaged with the MPC Star media player. It's versatile, easy to use and high quality....just like the video player, both of which are highly underrated!
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  12. Xavier Torres

    Xavier Torres Software guru

    Windows 8 Safari 5.1.7
    My best audio player is AIMP.
  13. Giveaway Day

    Giveaway Day Advanced PC user

    Windows 8 Firefox 28.0
    I prefer Foobar2000.
  14. paf

    paf Learning to use PC

    Windows XP Firefox 28.0
    Currently, my favorite is AIMP.
  15. Mrpfn

    Mrpfn Learning to use PC

    Windows 7 Firefox 28.0
    My favorite audio player is AIMP.
  16. Mr Prakti

    Mr Prakti Basic PC user

    Windows XP Firefox 28.0
    My favorite is VLC.
  17. Rick Alen

    Rick Alen Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 33.0.1750.154
    VLC is a great universal player for all versions of windows.
  18. Kat deluna

    Kat deluna Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 34.0.1847.116
    K.codec or Realplayer And Jet audio best software For audio
  19. "The Blackchild_Cx"

    "The Blackchild_Cx" Learning to use PC

    Windows 8.1 Chrome
    Media Monkey is my one
  20. Jay S

    Jay S Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 34.0.1847.116
    daum pot player is not bad.

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