What is the best music player? with great equalizer options?....................................



PC user

It has a great equalizer that seems to have a much wider range in sound frequency than other players.

But the thing I love most about it is the real-time effects! Nothing like throwing a bit of reverb and just a touch of chorus on your favorite tunes! It really 'unlocks' the potential of the sound and lets it get into your brain lol.

Not to mention there are TONS of fantastic skins available for it (check and DeviantArt). REALLY nice skins. And it's portable!

What's not to love??


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Top Music player are given below but these are for Android. Personally, I would suggest you go with AIMP.
  1. AIMP.
  2. JetAudio.
  3. Rocket Player.
  4. Phonograph.
  5. Pixel Player.