What is the best AntiVirus for PC 2014


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I don't have my favorite antivirus but I always choice the one of the top for better price. For example in last time i bought Bit Defender Internet Security - price... less than 8$ for one year. :)


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Everyone has their review: Eset smart security, Bitdefender Internet security, Panda CloudProtection :geek:
Many favorites F-Secure,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :phone: Greetings and Regards :bravo:

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Since I am testing Windows 10, it is really hard to find one that works on it. I have switched to using Baidu Antivirus. Though it does seem to crash once in awhile, then restart and it will be fine after that.

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After using it for Avira years, I changed my antivirus and I do not regret it.

Today I use Zone Alarm. This antivirus is really very effective. It is almost invisible and is not as intrusive Avast.

Zone Alarm offers a good firewall and free antivirus, I have no regrets and I can highly recommend it.


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Best antivirus does not exist or is leaky as a sieve, or it slows down your computer that you can not work on it, but if I had to choose it's probably already HITMAN Pro


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Many antivirus software area available for your system and smartphone. Because security is main concern for your system everyone wants to secure own all database for future references so here i would like to share best antivirus software.By using SoftMozer free software download site you can download this free software.

Avira free antivirus is best one antivirus for your system and smartphone.
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