What is the best AntiVirus for PC 2014

Roggen Wolfe

Learning to use PC
I don't use any anymore.I have tools on standby incase of emergency and if push comes to shove all my important data is constantly backedup on a sep HD.Means easy format whenever needs be.Not the best advice I know. If I had to choose free it would be Avira without fail.If paid then ESET. I do use Comodo firewall I'd like to add

John Brown

Advanced PC user
What is the best AntiVirus for PC 2014. It is better to have 1 that give lifetime support and updates.
I use Malwarebytes pro along with Norton internet security and have never had a virus yet, though the software ocassionally blocks or points out suspicious software or known malware. Very good combo & very light.


Software guru
Best of all is, if not use anything other than Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro, it's the only one, which also something helps. All the others have been made only for sale...
Absolutely useless widgets. All of them use only much resource etc.
If you must to get some kind of virus, then you get it.
Regardless which anti virus you have or don't have installed .


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I think that Kaspersky Internet Security is the best, but also Bitdefender is fantastic!
Kaspersky is the worst that is at all possible. And nobody does not need to believe this opinion. And I'm not going to prove it. This is the result of my personal ten-year test.
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