What is best Antivirus fro Lap?

Nishan Lahiru

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    • Avast Pro Antivirus 2015
    • Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus (2015)
    • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015
    • Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015
    • F-Secure Anti-Virus 2015
    • Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium
    • McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2015
    • Panda Antivirus Pro 2015
    • AVG AntiVirus 2015
    • ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8
    • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium 2.0
    • or other

Geo Aachen

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I like VIPRE and it has lifetime license. But frankly Vipre is not so powerful as Bitdefender or Kaspersky. Panda Security is famous in Europe.
Bitdefender and Kaspersky are both professional and their products usually get the first via test.
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David Hagan

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Avast gets great reviews, from everyone and from the Virus testers, but they use the free version. I have tried the Pro Verison, and I tried the 6 months giveaway that was just given away lately and I would rather use the free version. I found a gReat deal on AVG Unlimited Device for 2 years. I am not crazy about it or the AVG ZEN that comes along with it, then they want you to buy everything else, but I guess it will do. I can not tell you the place because it is out of the deal, plus I am not sure if rules allow it.


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Malwarebytes and Emsisoft is ok for additional, short Virusscans once a week. But not constant.
free 360 Internet Security from Quihou is free and this year on place 3, so the best choice for free.

Tweaks & Tips - Place 3 in the AV-Test the free 360 Internet Security from Qihoo | Download.hr forum
You have also cloudengine, and bitdefenderengine include. And for your Laptop very lite in background so not so heavy than Bitdefender, Norton or Kapersky.

On place 1 and 2 where expensive buysoftware in an official AV-Test.
Bitdefender is two heavy on pc. It slow down your pc drastically and it permanently check your pc over the Server permanently.
Bitdefender always phone in and out from my pc to his homeserver and thats not even useful if you not have a unlimmited internetflatrate. And take a lot of additional RAM. And i want not to be spy out from Bitdefender for be a member in his customer experience program.

If you not shure you see the same Videos that ahmadkhaje posted all on this thread.
What i had prepared Long time ago this year, where People how you can look what antivirus is the best for you!
You must not look the Video, its enough if you go to the end of each AV-Video and look on this results.

Tweaks & Tips - Here a view Antivirustest which should help you what Antivirus Software is good or not! | Download.hr forum

You see its not nessesary to ask what AV i should take. We posted all Solutions a long time ago for you in this Forum.

If you want to be save on your pc, you can take once a week all this free programs:

Tweaks & Tips - How to protect and clean your Computer from Malware! | Download.hr forum

David Hagan

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So I have a lifetime of Malware-bytes, and I got a free 1yr subscription of IObit Malware Fighter. I am beginning to think they both blow anymore.
Advanced System Care Ultimate uses bitdefenders engine and provides extensive care for your computer. Is almost undetectable on system resorces if seted properly.

Djoko Susilo

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It is Kaspersky Internet Security 2015! The features are so promising. It doesn't only offer us with the protection from viruses and malwares, it also protect our financial affairs (when we using internet banking), and the last thing, which is the most important for me, it's about the price. I consider the price as cheap enough, for getting the protection for the whole 1 year. So, how about you? :)


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okay many options given above but ahmad the admin nailed it yes malwarebytes is by far the most promising one i have paid version lifetime version so you can try for the free ones or look for giveaways or offer.

the only disadvantage of free version is it doesnt have automatic updates and web protection but here is my advice

* install MBAM free
* install security addons in your browser like pop up blocker, blur, noscript etc as viruses enter through browsers mostly as they are the gateways so secure it
* download and unpack portable free version of super anti spyware if the above step is done with some good browsing habits then your scan with super anti spyware will give you 0 threats
* as for firewall my choice is comodo as they offer the service of paid version for the free one as it gets better with every version also you can secure your dns for free if needed

the above advice is if you need the best in class security for free

if you want paid security then simply get any one good internet security pack as offered in giveaways by download.hr (bit defender, kaspersky and avg) as this site offers many giveaways and also genuine at the same time it also resembles like search engine for giveaways


I like a lot Download.hr
I use ESS (Eset Smart Security - ver. 8) and it is very good for me: it has small effects on performace and big effects on threats and malware.
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