What is a good gift idea for Mother‘s Day?


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The Mother's day is coming . What is a good gift idea for Mother‘s Day? Any ideas like card maker to recommend?
Well , I think it depends on what you can spend and what your Mom likes.
- Flower or Roses, a bouquet or plants and seeds.
- Chocolates with hugs and kisses!!
- Mother's Day Card or Photo Frame with a picture of you and her
Here is the unique mother’s day card making idea with free template.


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A good gift for one's own mother is to return the love that she has given that person by saying something as simple as 'Thank you', and to return the efforts and sacrifices she had made in raising her young, by trying to help her, when possible, in whichever way one can.
  • Additional gifts include:
  1. being nice and polite to her, almost excessively nice and polite. Which mother would not like to see such a good-mannered daughter? Such a one is better than a thousand flowers, yet very rare.
  2. chocolates with hugs and kisses, minus the chocolates. Chocolates are not healthy food.
  3. mother's day card, handwritten and not bought.
So nice . Thank you . Hope your mom like your gifts.


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I gave my mother a big hug that day. She doesn't like gifts or money, as for her, stay with family is the best :)