What do you use to remove adds?


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I am a regular user of "Fair adblock by Stands" because it allows me to support website owners for their hard-work and at the same time it saves my computer from Malwares. With it, I can limit the number of ads on greedy websites which inundate my browser with unwanted ads and malwares.

However, I have made it a habit to white-list bona fide websites like sourceforge, giveawayoftheday and and the websites which offer open source software.:)

If I cannot pay them, this is the least I could do.:coffee:

Sumeet Kumar

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Hello, I have 3 different systems, and I use 3 different things on them.
On my personal Laptop, I use Ublock Origin
On my dad's laptop, I use Adguard Premium (Standalone Windows App)
and on my University's computer, I use custom Hosts file to block ads.

If you want to block ads system wide (i.e, there are apps installed that display ads) then go for adguard premium standalone app. If you just want to block ads in your browser, Consider Ublock Origin. Its lightweight then adblock plus.

Edit: I have used Adblock plus in past, and found uBlock Origin better.


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So, since my last question, I've been doing some research and I found a browser which lets you surf anonymously, and has the option to remove the ads. It's called DuckDuckGo and is pretty cool. If you don't want to try that, perhaps you would like to learn how exactly do adblockers work. Here are some interesting examples:
This article suggests programs like Adblock Plus and Ghostery, which are stated to do a pretty good job. However, I haven't personally tried them, so I can't say for sure how they work. Although, from what I've read about them, they seem pretty legit. :)