What do you use to remove adds?


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I want to ask you: what do you use to remove adds?

I really hate adds, because it promote things that I don't need and their can slowdown my Internet connection and sometimes redirect to malicious sites or software page.

To block adds I use Adguard Premium and I really like it, even though I had problems with correct setting up this software. I also prefer Internet Browser extensions like: Adblock Plus, uBlock origin.

What do you use to remove adds?


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I don't use anything :)
You all want free content on Internet and won't support webmasters. I have spent 10 years of my life on giving free content to millions of visitors and not blocking ads on my site is minimum visitors should do.
Off course, ads should be regular banner and not popups etc.


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I used to be a fan of Adblock plus, now I use ublock origin. I whitelist legit sites I visit regularly btw, I'm not opposed to ads in general, only obtrusive ones. Some sites are so aggressive with ads, they do deserve ad blocking.