What do you use for gaming?

What do you use for gaming?

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for the short breakes the smartphone is my best friend
at the longer ones the PC/Xbox360/PS3 will be used


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I use only PC for Play games. Many years ago I use an old Sega console for Play my racegames and Alex Kidd.
But Prices of new Consoles exploded in the years and i was for over twentie years to Young and poor that i not have the Money to buy me an expensive Gameconsole. So i decide by myself stay by Play games on PC.
If you see it realistic 200 € till 300 € are to much Money only for a Gameconsole what you can only Play on TV. And the additional Games gives for PC as well in Shops to buy and they are much cheaper as for Console. But that must everyone decide by themself have i the money to buy me an expensive console or stay i by the cheaper PC-Version. Thats the question and a big problematic in the gamesworld. What i find good are the gameseller in Internet like Mcgame, Gog or other Gameseller like Origin etc... Because games stay in Internet for download and you can after a computercrash again and again download it if you have restore your PC.
For some games i use virtual CD-Drives and Play it from an Iso file if you can do that its the best choice. Because if you always Input your game CDs it can become scratches or if you lay it on the floor and you stamp on it with your legs (thats me happen several times) than nothing can happen and you must not buy it again if you make you an Iso and Play it in Virtual CD-Drive. And its more useful if you must not always search the original cd out and put it in your CD-Drive thats very helpful.
here the links what you Need to Play your games Virtual:

1st infrarecorder to make you an Image or Iso of your GameCD (by EAGames it does not work):
here descriptions


Here Download

2nd you Need to install you a virtual Cddrive-Software such as virtual clone drive ist free:

Virtual Drive
Then you must not always insert your original-CD insert your Iso file in Virtual Clonedrive and Play it.
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I play games in PC but i've also used the playstation 3 and 4 and nintendo 3ds to play with friends