What do you think are the benfits of having VLC?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by coleblake, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. coleblake

    coleblake Learning to use PC

    Windows 10 Waterfox 43.0.4
    Do you like VLC player?
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  2. Tablet

    Tablet Software guru

    Windows 7 Firefox 44.0
    I use GOM player
  3. Jennygreen02

    Jennygreen02 Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 48.0.2564.116
    It's able to decode various video formats, adjust video color, rotate video, zoom in/out video, record webcam video and take screenshot of video.
  4. Terrapin

    Terrapin PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome Mobile 44.0.2403.117
    It plays everything.

    With the exception of SHN files?

    Though I could be mistaken.
  5. Elvizk

    Elvizk Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome 50.0.2661.87
    VLC is one the ligthest video players and it can play everything.
  6. songoku316

    songoku316 PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome 51.0.2704.63
    benefits you don't need codecs and is free
  7. kevnjohn87

    kevnjohn87 Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 55.0.2883.87
    Yes, I do like VLC player because it has extra ordinary features, especially the volume.
  8. belinda

    belinda Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 50.0
    It basically plays all formats which is really awesome!.
  9. JohnC

    JohnC Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Chrome 55.0.2883.87
    Back when I had digital copies of films stored on an external hard drive, VLC made sense and I found it to be quite good. The hard drive blew up, so now I'm Netflix only.
  10. SoftwareGiveawaysNetwork

    SoftwareGiveawaysNetwork Basic PC user

    Windows 7 Opera 42.0.2393.137
    Vlc plays just about everything, but some movies will be a bit jumpy ( doesn't happen often, just depends on the file) for them, i use MPC :)
  11. kilbil

    kilbil Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Firefox 52.0
    It plays everything thrown at it.
  12. Alyna ze Mlyna

    Alyna ze Mlyna Advanced PC user

    Windows 7 Firefox 52.0
    I use Zoom Player MAX.
  13. Kassftery

    Kassftery Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Edge 12.10240
    I haven't found yet
  14. spiral

    spiral Learning to use PC

    Windows 10 Chrome 58.0.3029.81
    Wow. you people have not experienced the full features of VLC yet,if those are your best reasons.
    The main reason VLC is greatest besides being free and no codecs needed, is the HUGE amount of customization options .
    Here are just a few, but by no means all of them-
    #1 61 (yes, SIXTY ONE) hotkey functions which are also user defined. Example: vid/audio playback speed control in o.10 or .50 increments up to 64X ; fast or slow. /4 different time lengths for scene jumping forward or reverse / volume control or mute/ subtitle positioning, delay, sync/ 10 bookmarking position sets or play froms /chapter jumping...Did I mention all this can be user defined? I have my speeds set up on my number pad and scene jumping on my arrow keys with alt or ctrl. and the bookmarks on my Fkeys.
    goto Tools- Preferences- then on top right hand side click Hotkeys and be amazed.
    Other VLC Features
    #2 vid playback has 8 aspect ratios and cropping to remove those pesky black spaces.
    #3 subtitle options - preferred language, font, size, position, etc
    #4 audio functions- normalizer, user predefined start volume, dolby on/off, surround, headphone surround on/off, etc
    #5 audio equalizer, spatializor, and also video adjustments of hue, sharp, gamma, bright, contrast, etc, plus film grain.
    (goto tools- effects and filters)
    #6 video snapshots with optional user prefix, sequential numbering, and format options (png, jpg, tiff)
    #7 records screen, webcam, etc
    and if your really into it, there's also serious interface adjustments. Plus plugins, extensions, and skins available too.

    BONUS: GOTO tools- effects & filters- video effects- geometry. you can click on puzzle and your video becomes a interactive jigsaw puzzle while its playing. How's THAT for cool?
  15. kilbil

    kilbil Basic PC user

    Windows 10 Chrome 58.0.3029.81
    I use it coz can play different video formats. etc... without external codecs, etc..

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