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Repair my pc from a virusattak from the giveawayoftheday Software my 1st flippbook. It destroy my internal computerhdd not the external so i lost not relevant important and so much. Because i have on my internal hdd nothing important documents but many heavy games by other people the program had destroy the hole external hdd with all programs and text, pdf or other important things. Please have a look on some usercoments. Exact the same happen me as well. But thats not new for me i know since many years how to renew and save my System from such attacs the System and install the hole Windows new. I beginn with Atari, msdosconsoles and Windows 98 and Works 7 lol :D:LOL: But it was my mistake i test it on my real system and not on my virtual machine so my mistake.

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Please read the comments, on other computer this program had destroy the hole external hdd with in seconds.
I checked it fast enough that something is wrong and had not connect my external hdd with my uge portable softwareprograms.
I had many luck.


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I came with my wife from shopping. Also, I have found Lenovo Yoga 900 which I may buy