What Ad-blocking software do you prefer?

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Download.hr is simply the best
I've used Ad Muncher trial version, when it wasn't free ... and it worked miracles on my system, when I saw the statistics on the about tab ... Ad block and no script wasn't enough. Now I use the free version and it is doing quite OK ... it's a little bit tiny (about 500kb), but what can I say? It's freeware. The guy that developed it, he said this product got bought about 100.000 times ... and he is far from being rich ... well, he done something that only few have done until now, but we should expect to become more and more often, because the big companies will swallow every bit of the IT businesses and the little companies and individual developers will be ... somehow, forgotten.
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As webmaster I dont use such programs. Ads are the way how web sites are financed. Without that revenue there wouldn't be such great sites

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Can't stop visiting Download.hr
I only use them to block adds on major site that like to overload the pages with ads. I will white list sites that do not and cannot or do not make money any other way.