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VSDC Video Editor is designed to edit video files and create video clips of varying complexity using a variety of video and audio effects. The program has great functionality and capabilities, and at the same time, a simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to create your own video files with minimal effort.
* Non-linear video editor
Our video editor belongs to the class of non-linear video editors. This means that, unlike most editors, in which one scene replaces another, in our editor each editing object can be located anywhere on the scene and have any size. In addition, various parameters, position and shape of objects can arbitrarily change over time.
* Video and audio effects
You can apply various video and audio effects to almost any object of the video editor to achieve the desired result for you. Since the number of different video effects is very large, they are all divided into five categories: color correction of an object, transformation of an object, applying a video filter to an object, other effects and transition effects from one object to another.
* Blending modes and filters like Instagram
Another way to change the look of your video to suit your preference is by using blend modes. Give your video a unique professional look with a full gamut of customizable options. Newbies and users looking to cut down on editing time can apply stylish Instagram-like filters - in one click.
* Mask
VSDC Free Video Editor allows you to create masks of different types and shapes for selection, as well as the ability to blur and hide certain elements of the video. A mask can be used to apply special effects both inside and outside the mask area. Most often, the mask is used when it is necessary to blur the face in order to preserve the privacy of the person, as well as to remove unwanted objects / characters from the video.
* Subpixel precision
Objects are positioned on the scene with subpixel precision, which allows for smooth movement, rotation, transformation and precise positioning relative to each other.
* Support for all popular formats
Our video editor supports almost all multimedia video and audio formats and codecs, as well as image formats. Therefore, unlike other editors that only support a certain set of formats, you will not need additional conversion utilities to edit the file you need.
* Create videos for multimedia devices
Thanks to the built-in profile system, you can easily create videos for most popular multimedia devices such as DVD players, iPod / iPhone / iPad, PSP, any smartphones and phones, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Zune, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Blackberry , MP4 players and others.
* Working with diagrams
You can create a variety of charts, including 3D: Bar Chart, Stack Chart, Scatter Chart, Bubble Chart, Line Chart, Correlation Chart, Dynamic Chart, Step Chart, Spline Chart, Filled Line Chart, Filled Spline Chart, Stacked Line Chart with filled, stacked spline chart with filled, range chart, gantt chart, pie chart, 3d pie chart, 3d torus, radar scatter chart, radar line chart, radar filled line chart, radar spline chart, radar spline chart filled, funnel, pyramid, 3d pyramid, financial bar chart, candlestick financial chart. The peculiarity of such objects is the ability to work with data that changes its value over time, as well as the data set itself can change dynamically. In addition, the appearance of charts is completely customizable (appearance of graphs, coordinate axes, including custom axes, legends, names of graphs and axes, layout lines, labels on the axes and other elements), which will allow you to create exactly the kind of graphs you need. And built-in color schemes allow you to quickly choose the most suitable graphical appearance.
* Built-in DVD burning utility
Also, the video editor includes a DVD burning utility, which will allow you not only to create video, but also burn it to discs.
* Video file converter
The application is designed to quickly convert video files from one format to another. It has basic video editing capabilities: removing unnecessary fragments, splitting a video into parts and combining several files into one.
* Video download manager
With this utility, you can download videos from various sites, view it with the built-in player and convert it to the video format you need. The program supports a large number of different web services and allows you to organize collections from downloaded videos.
* Record video from desktop
The video editor has a built-in utility


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Thanks for sharing. Is that giveaway activity over already? I want a free video editor to cut video Mac. I have already tried Joyoshare Media Cutter. Such a tool is powerful and professional, which is able to help me cut videos without quality loss. It offers 5-time free use. I have used up free times. So, now I want another totally free tool for my use.