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Vole Office is a lightweight editor for Microsoft Word and Excel files. The program is easy to use. Helps to create full-fledged documents Microsoft Word DOCX and Microsoft Excel XLSX and is fundamentally very close to Microsoft Office. Vole Office is easy to use and fully compatible with Microsoft Office Word and Excel, making it the best choice for both frequent users and companies.
• Vole Word Key Features
• New, Open, Save, Save As and Print
• Open multiple documents (like IE)
• Image, Hyperlink and Table
• Reference, Mail, Review and Spell Check

BitsDuJour Software Receipt - Vole Office Professional Edition LTUD (Lifetime) v5.20.20111
Vole Office Professional Edition LTUD (Lifetime) v5.20.20111 - PC
Purchased11/26/2020 8:49:38 AM
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