Voilabits PhotoResizer for Mac Resize Thousands of Photos in BatchLess than 20 hours


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For one reason or another, your collection of digital photos represents the rainbow of different sizes. Hasn’t been a problem until today, where you suddenly have need to have all of them in one size. Are you looking at days and weeks of mind numbing manual resizing? Not if you get a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Mac!

for Mac lets you resize thousands of photos at once, either by percentage or custom dimensions while retaining aspect ratio. With Mac, you’ll be able to not only resize photos in batch, but also convert and rename them so that you can meet all of your project specifications in no time flat!

Thanks to support for multiple image formats, there’s no need to take any additional conversion steps using any other program other than Mac. You can even upload your resized results to Facebook or Twitter right from inside Mac!

Don't have Facebook? That's ok, we haven't forgotten about you. When the promotion is live, just click the 'Get it for Free' button and fill out a quick survey to claim your 100% discount!

Voilabits PhotoResizer Mac - Batch Image Software - 100% Mac

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