VMware Fusion® Player 12 (for Intel-based Macs)


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VMware Fusion® Player is a handy and powerful virtual machine for Mac
With VMware Fusion, Mac users can run Windows and hundreds of other operating systems concurrently with Mac applications without rebooting. Fusion combines a home user experience with a powerful IT professional, developer, and enterprise experience.
Running Windows on Mac is just the beginning. With VMware Fusion, you can choose from hundreds of supported operating systems, from lesser-known Linux distributions to the latest release of Windows 10. With Fusion, you can easily test almost any OS and application on your Mac. The solution enables you to build and test applications in a sandboxed environment, allowing you to securely share local source files and folders. Fusion Pro now includes a RESTful API for integration with modern development tools such as Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Chef, and more, enabling you to leverage the full power of VMware in modern adaptive, integrated development and operations.

• Support for macOS Big Sur
Now you can run virtual machines on Macs with APFS-enabled macOS Big Sur, or safely test the latest macOS operating system in an isolated environment on a Mac without disruption. Fusion is even better with a redesigned user interface and support for the latest Macs with Touch Bar.
• Support for Windows 10 upgrade
Keep up with technology advances with full support for virtual machines running the latest versions of Windows 10 on Macs.
• Powerful graphics
With 3D hardware support, Fusion provides DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3 support to run complex graphics applications, games, and modern resource-intensive user interfaces in Windows and Linux virtual machines. Fusion 12 now supports Apple Metal Graphics Technology, which delivers smoother graphics while extending battery life.
• Advanced virtual networking capabilities
Create sophisticated IPv4 or IPv6 virtual networks for virtual machines or integrate with third-party software to design complete datacenter topologies using practical routing tools and software. New in Fusion Pro is network simulation by adding packet loss, latency, and bandwidth limiting. * only for Pro version
• Connecting to vSphere
Connecting to vCenter, ESXi or Workstation Pro servers allows you to manage, run and configure virtual machines or ESXi hosts. Virtual machines can be moved between them in any direction by dragging and dropping. With a common underlying hypervisor, Fusion makes it easy to launch or control virtual machines from the corporate data center while running on your own Mac. * only for Pro version
• Fusion REST API
Fusion now supports a secure RESTful interface for automating and integrating third party software. Powered by the Swagger.io platform, the Fusion API uses the standard HTTP / S and JSON protocols to control over 20 different operations in virtual machines and hosts. The solution provides the ability to create custom deployment tools to provide macOS as a service. Fusion can also be integrated into a modern continuous iterative development environment with automated testing. * only for Pro version
• Unity Mode
When Fusion is running in Unity mode, the Windows desktop is hidden and Windows applications can be launched in the same way as Mac applications. Windows applications can be launched directly from the Dock, Spotlight, and Launchpad, and viewed in Exposé, Spaces, and Mission Control views as if they were Mac applications.
• Useful shots and clones
With snapshots, you can create a rollback point and return to it online, ideal for testing unknown software or creating repetitive demos for customers. Using snapshots, you can easily test many different scenarios without installing multiple operating systems with the same configuration.
• Boot Camp add-on
Choosing between Windows and Mac at boot is no longer required. With Fusion, you can run Windows and Mac applications at the same time directly from Boot Camp without reinstalling or rebooting.
• Clones for fast duplication
Save time and effort by regularly creating duplicate virtual machine configurations. Creating "linked clones" allows you to quickly duplicate virtual machines with significant savings in disk space. A "full clone" creates isolated duplicate virtual machines that can be shared with other Fusion or Workstation users. full cloning creates isolated duplicate virtual machines that can be shared with other Fusion or Workstation users. * only for Pro version
• Special abilities
VMware is committed to supporting its users by making Fusion and Fusion Pro accessible to people with disabilities, as required by section 508. With Mac technologies that help users with disabilities and Fusion to interact with elements in Windows, you can use assistive technology with applications that would not otherwise have such capabilities.
• Enhanced virtual hardware platform
Fusion leverages the vSphere next-generation hypervisor platform and makes improvements for data center testing and enterprise security. Fusion now includes a new virtual Trusted Platform Module to support Microsoft virtualization-based security technologies such as Device Guard and Credential Guard, as well as UEFI secure boot and NVMe virtual devices.
• Integrated interface
Copy and paste data between Windows and Mac, drag and drop files from one system to another, use folder sharing and mirroring, and network and printing capabilities out of the box. Various parameters of these operations can be changed to suit professional or advanced use cases.
• Isolated interface
You can isolate your Mac from Windows by turning off integrations to keep the operating systems safe and secure from each other. VMware Fusion provides a rich set of capabilities that cannot be achieved with a second computer.
• Simplified OS installation
With Fusion, you can start Windows from the Boot Camp partition, install it from a Windows disc, transfer it from your existing PC, or even install macOS as a virtual machine from the recovery partition. Fusion is a flexible and easy way to install multiple operating systems on your Mac. What's new in Fusion is improved support for the Open Virtualization Format, which provides an easy step-by-step installation of VMware vCenter Server from an OVA package.
• Support for Retina and 5K displays
VMware Fusion looks great on the latest iMac 5K displays and supports mixed configuration to mix Retina and other monitors. For a MacBook Pro with Retina technology, you can use a standard definition display or easily add a 4K display to your configuration. Regardless of the display you're using, Windows looks great on Fusion computers.

Customers who purchase VMware Fusion 11.5 or VMware Fusion 11.5 Pro will receive a free key to Fusion 12.

System Requirements

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