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VideotoMp3 Converter is a powerful tool to extract audio data in .mp3 format from any video in seconds. Extract high quality mp3 songs using this powerful application and make ringtone from your favorite song using mp3 cutter.


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Appreciate this introduction. I have a supplement to list. I have used TunesKit Free Video Cutter for a long time and it is a great video trimmer for Mac and Windows users. Apart from being free of cost, it can trim media files without degrading quality loss.


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To convert to MP3

Upload your audio file.
Extract the audio track of a video by uploading a video file.
Optionally, you can change the bitrate, sampling rate, and channels, along with other additional settings (optional).
Click on "Start conversion" to start the conversion to MP3.

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To record video to MP3, TunesKit Audio Capture could be a good option. As a professional and powerful audio recording tool, it can record audio from various videos to several formats like MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC.


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The decent alternative to extract MP3 from a video is using an all-in-one video editor called Joyoshare video cutter. Such a tool can extract audio from any video without quality loss and output the audio to any format at 60X speed.
If you are interested, you can participate in its Halloween promotions, which provides a big discount on all storewide multimedia products.