Use these two "Top Rated" freeware uninstallers together


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I tend to install, plus update, a lot of software on my family's machines. As most folks know, the windows un-installer does a poor job of getting rid of all of what you what un-installed. This can lead to a slower machine and other problems. bi

Over the years, I have used may uninstallers, free and pro paid versions. Finally, I found the answer to un-installing software that makes my machines run right and really pleases me. Simply use the two un-installers listed below in the right order.

The great thing about these two un-installers: both are top rated across the web, and absolutely free.

Un-install unwanted software in this order:
1. Revo Uninstaller
2. Comodo Programs Manager

This method works best on any software installed and tracked first with Comodo Programs Manager.

The simple trick that makes this so special is: the comodo programs manager works as the best way to install any software if you first download it to your computer before installing . Once CPM is installed, simply right click on your mouse arrow over any downloaded application you want to install and you will see "install and monitor using CPM. " This means any software you ever install, plus any automatic updates, will always be tracked/monitored by CPM.

For most people this un-installer would be enough, but I found that even though it did a great job, there was a way to do a better un-install of any left over code/trash in my computer system.

The answer was to use Revo uninstaller first, then when it is finished, check Comodo Programs Manager to see if it shows any leftovers i.e.; dlls, uninstaller code, shortcut links .... The vast majority of the time CPM shows unwanted leftovers. And a simple click on the leftovers, plus reboot gets rid of them.

If you have a registry cleaner that you trust ( [URL=''] , , , winutilities free or pro, .....), then a quick run of these will usually get things right.[/URL]

As always, it is advised by all the experts to do a "system restore" before uninstalling or registry cleaning.

NOTE: The very best configuration is to install comodo programs manager first thing after any reformatting of your machine's operating system, or on any new machine, and then use CPM to install all new software (including REVO UNINSTALLER) so it can be tracked and uninstalled.

"[URL='']Comodo Programs Manager
" found at (look on their first page for "FREE PRODUCTS" which will take you to a download list of their freeware.)

Revo Uninstaller freeware version can be found at or more specifically at .[/URL]

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I like a lot
That sounds like a good suggestion for the free version of Revo, but if you have the paid version is there any benefit to also running comodo?


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I use Iobit Uninstaller, it has also windows 8 support and is free and also Ashampoo Uninstaller 5 is good