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10 LifeTime licenses.

UnHackMe is specially designed to discover and remove Rootkits. The intruder installs a rootkit on a computer by means of a user action or by exploiting a known vulnerability or cracking a password. Interface is user-friendly and tab-established, so easy access to options and attributes isn't an issue. In order to scan your computer for Trojans, you just have to push the 'Check Me Now!' button.


A new window pops-up, enabling you to perform a malware scan or to clean, protect and backup files on your own personal computer. In case you pick to scan the computer for malware, UnHackMe offers you four choices to decide on from: you'll be able to send a report, scan Windows startup items, perform a web-based multi-antivirus scan or reveal hidden / infected files. After scanning startup items you'll be able to decide what things to do with every one of the identified difficulties: delete the file, rate it as 'false positive' or require additional support.


UnHackMe also contains the 'Reanimator' feature, which you may use to perform a complete spyware check. Along with this, you can backup system files, so that you can recover them quickly in the event of a virus attack. Furthermore, UnHackMe features a built-in Restore Manager which will allow you to recover Windows to an earlier state. UnHackMe empowers you to optionally activate real-time protection, program scans, along with make an exclusion list. Moreover, each time Windows reboots, the program can check for existing rootkits.


Is UnHackMe like an antivirus?
No. UnHackMe concentrates on problems which antivirus programs do not look for.
It looks like MSConfig on steroids!

UnHackMe features:

Scanning of installed programs for "Potentially Unwanted Programs" (PUPs).
Checking for junk files, created by PUPs, adware, and spyware.
Scanning of Windows startup programs, services, and drivers.
Testing Windows shortcuts.
Scanning for rootkits.
Examining the browsers' search settings.
Scanning the browsers add-ons.
Testing the hosts file and DNS settings.
Testing startup files using several antivirus programs on the
UnHackMe uses its own database to detect which programs you should remove from your PC.
You can agree with it or not. If you find a program on the list that is OK, you can mark it as a False Positive.

An important advantage of UnHackMe is that you can find previously undetec

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"UnHackMe fixes what the others can't!"
UnHackMe allows me to detect and remove a new generation of Trojan programs - invisible Trojans and will be a very useful security utility for my operating system. UnHackMe is the perfect tool for people who don't feel comfortable troubleshooting infected computers or just don't have the time to do it.
All in all, UnHackMe is a lightweight tool designed to help prevent rootkits from harming computer, by helping users protect themselves against masked intrusion and data theft.

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Thanks for this giveaway!

I would like to win this great!
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Thanks for the giveaway!

unHackMe searches for unwanted browser search settings. Often, instead of the standard Yandex, Google, Bing, completely "left" search services are built in, which usually display the results of Google or Yandex results on their sites. Along with this, there is a ton of advertising, or, even worse, search results lead to malicious sites. UnHackMe divides all found elements into the following categories: malicious, suspicious, unknown and good. The latter are marked with green ticks, these are known safe options. But under suspicious or unknown, unrecognized malicious elements can sometimes be hidden. They should also be deleted.
unHackMe is a very reliable program, it helped me several times when other anti-virus programs were powerless.



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Its keeps mine and your pc clean of malware and other useless stuff from the internet and bad guys. it would be great to get it as a lifetime license.


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Thanks for the giveaway.
UnHackMe allows you to detect and remove various types of malware and potentially unwanted programs, including hidden threats - rootkits.
As a rule, regular antivirus programs cannot resist this type of malicious SOFTWARE. This is mainly due to the fact that rootkits archive and encrypt their files, "hide" registry keys, process names, network connections, etc.



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Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway @ahmadkhaje!

I used to have viruses and malware in my PC system and Unhackme was a lifesaver then and will always be a superb anti-trojan and anti-rootkit security solution, as it continuously improve the scanning engine and its very reliable remote checking feature using a log file.


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I think that unhack me is a good antimalware program,to protect my PC. But I have no twitter/ facebook account. I do not need them. Maybe you give me also a chance to win a license here. Thanks.