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WinSysClean is a powerful set of tools that performs various tasks of optimizing and maintaining a computer. The application contains 5 main sections: system status, Windows settings, application cleaner, Internet browsers, registry.
The program has more than 2000 cleaning and repair functions that minimize unnecessary files and force Windows to use less memory, free up more system resources and work without errors, which leads to faster PC operation.
WinSysClean uses sophisticated registry and file analysis to detect errors and invalid entries, so you do not need to make critical decisions to confirm which entries and files should be deleted. You can also view the complete transaction log. The program interface is convenient and intuitive, but contains only English and German.
Key features of WinSysClean
• Cleaning the computer from unnecessary files that slow down its work (cache, cookies, download history, search queries ...).
• Ability to create a control point.
• Monitoring the workload on the central processor, the use of RAM and hard disk.
• Fix Windows errors associated with missing files and links.
• Optimization of data storage.
Changes in the latest version / 19.0
* Added an ad blocking function that blocks over 2300 ad servers. This feature is safer than other ad blockers, because it does not intercept traffic, but blocks servers. The database of ad servers can be updated online directly from WinSysClean.
* Added 474 new application cleaners.
* Added support for updating Windows 10 Fall Creators and April 2018
* Added support for Google Chrome 57-67
* Added support for Mozzila Firefox 55-61
* Faster internal database.
* More secure multi-threaded engine with smoother cleaning.
* Updated 620 application cleaners.
* Updated database engine with a newer version.
* Updated user interface controls with a newer version.
** Installer updated to a newer version with better compatibility with Windows 10.
* Improved the main registry of clean engines.
* Improved application cleaning mechanism.
* Improved high resolution scaling in Windows 10.
** Improved USB Cleaner support for the latest version of Windows 10.
* Improved scan performance.
* Improved memory management and distribution.
* Improved database loading speed.
* Removed 970 obsolete application cleaners for older versions of applications that are no longer in use.
* Fixed closing WinSysClean without any errors when cleaning some computers.
** Other minor fixes and improvements.

Windows 10, 8, 7 and Server 2016/2012


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