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Luminance Studio is a Pixarra Studio product that focuses on lighting using brightness for both natural environments and art deco style. It builds on the success of Pixarra's other Studio products, providing you, the artist, with a tool designed to achieve your vision faster and better than other options. Check out below some of the highlights of what you'll find in Luminance Studio.
• Natural Style of Media Art
On the left are paintings by Luminance Studio. In both cases, the number of colors selected was limited, as was the number of brushes used. Like all paintings at Luminance studio, both started with a black background and were painted into light. The watermelon was drawn without reference, and reference was used in the bottom picture. In fact, these are the eyes of Rembrandt, painted on a paper texture in the studio Luminance!
• Design Art Style
In addition to the natural media art style as shown above, Luminance Studio also excels at linear art with a luminance style that works well for abstract work.
• Artsets
Luminance Studio comes with 5 main ArtSets. Paint, design, repaints, scribbles and camouflage kits. In addition, there are 5 custom art kits that can hold up to 60 brushes each. Below are the paint and design kits.
• Clean user interface
Luminance Studio, like all Pixarra focused studio products, has a clean interface designed for an easy and fast flow of work. A dark theme is shown, but lighter color themes are also available.
• Paper texture
your fine art will come to life with the brilliance studio paper textures. Here is a collection of the different textures that are available.
• Quick Access Panels
On the right are two panels that you will be using a lot. Color control panel and brush quick access panel. All panels in Luminance Studio will automatically hide if they get in your way while painting. Manual hiding of all panels is also possible with the F3 hotkey.
• Quick Control Panel
The Quick Control Panel provides you with a customizable set of buttons that you can keep close at hand while you work. Resize and shape the panel according to your needs. Add, remove and reposition buttons to create the layout that works best for you. Show or hide the panel quickly using the [F4] hotkey. Right click to edit the button or add it to an empty slot. [Ctrl] + click to drag the button to a new location. As an added bonus, the Quick Control Panel has some features that are not available anywhere else in Luminance Studio.
• Powerful Brush Effect System
Since custom art kits are available, you might be wondering where you will get your new brushes from. There are several ways: generic user brushes on the Pixarra forum, brushes imported from Pro Studio, or you can now edit brushes directly in Luminance Studio using Pro Studio's powerful brush effects system.
• Layers
Easy access layer support is found in Luminance Studio. The idea is to keep your workflow simple and fast. With a simple mouse click, you can create a layer without scrolling. Right click on the layer for more options. Drag the layers to rearrange them.

The above are just a few of the features in Luminance Studio, there is much more.

• 64-bit color system for the smoothest blends available anywhere.
• The world's most powerful and flexible brush engine with brush effects system
Pixarra - Automatically save multiple copies of your current work.
• Compatibility of the brush with other products of the Pixarra studio.
• Tracing paper to use as a guide.
• Up to 9 floating reference panels to store reference photos as you work on your art.
• Sketchbook system that automatically saves your work in your sketchbook.
• Switch pages in a book with one key press (page up or page down)
• saving your work in various standard graphic formats.
• And many more features !

• Lifetime license for 1 (one) computer / Windows
• No free updates.
• No free technical support.
• Non-commercial use

Download Giveaway_Luminance_Studio_2.17.exe
License code: LU02-G8Y5-E8M1-G9W4-N7Q1