Top 10 FREE Data Recovery Software


Recently there is a discussion in forum about data recovery. I am quite surprised to know that many people don’t think that data recovery software works. In my experience, it does work and it saved my @$! many times after accidentally deleting important files or after formatting a hard drive and forgot to backup some files. There was only once, I wrongly formatted my external hard drive and somehow I wasn’t able to get back all my files. I have 7 external hard drives, all same casing and no label. I guess the reason I wasn’t able to get back my files is because I might have copied some files to the hard drive.

When recovering data from accidental deletion, there are some rules to follow.
1. Stop using the hard drive you want to recover as main hard drive (Windows has disk and registry activity in background. Don’t believe? Run RegMon, FileMon and DiskMon)
2. Do not install the data recovery software on the hard drive that you want to recover.
3. Do not save the recovered files on the hard drive that you’re recovering.

Do take note that these are my top 10 picks for FREE data recovery software. Number 1 does not mean it is better than number 5.

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