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Confidential allows you to mark files with different levels of privacy with just one click, and your notes will be visible to the whole team! This will help protect your team, your company, your customers and yourself from annoying accidents. Confidential allows you to mark files on disks, in networks and cloud services, and even mark emails as confidential. If you try to e-mail a secret document outside your company, the Outlook plug-in that comes with the program will alert you.
Before you is a fully automatic solution that helps maintain compliance with legal norms, contracts and company internal policies. Additional features include the ability to create and manage groups of users to easily limit confidential files for certain departments and teams. In addition, you can also create rules based on file names and locations that allow you to protect an entire hard drive in minutes.

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Terms and Conditions:
• No free technical support.
• No free upgrades to future versions.
• Strictly non-commercial use.

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