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Syncios is a reliable, useful and effective utility that helps you transfer apps, photos, music, videos and eBooks between iPod, iPhone, iPad and PC.

Regular price of this software product is $39.95. In this giveaway you can get it for free!

Visit giveaway page form more information: Syncios Pro giveaway

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Thank you for the giveaways! :)
I still have problems with the new links you guys created for the giveaway section.
This type of links : "" does not work in any of my browsers. My OS settings did not change. My Browsers settings did not change. I cannot download anything and I cannot request any license code. More, the share widget does not work anymore in my browsers; if I click on any share/like option, I get redirected in the same webpage and not in another one or in a pop-up window to tweet/like/share etc. and after I do that and I get back to the giveaway webpage, its like I never did that and I always have to wait those 300 seconds, no matter if I am logged in or not, shared/liked/tweet etc. or not. Guys, please fix the links before the Syncios Pro giveaway is over.

Thank you! I'll check again these giveaways! :)


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Please try now. Yeasterday we fixed problem with links in Firefox. But as I can see sharing option should work. If it doesn't work contact me on PM

DHRSG Archive is simply the best
Sory to post so late. The links are working fine now. I've posted a longer reply on the backup giveaway. I'll PM next time, if ever happens again. :)
Thank you so much for the giveaway!I wish you all a beautiful day! :)