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Sticky Password Premium is a password manager that allows you to store your credentials locally or in the cloud, synchronizing them with Windows, Mac, Android devices, iPhone and iPad, ensuring that you can create secure passwords and automatically enter them wherever you are. neither were.
Sticky Password Premium for Windows can automatically log into web sites and applications, import data from browsers and other password managers, automatically recognize and save the type of web account created, create passwords and have an information panel showing all weak passwords to the user. knew where to strengthen security.
Unlimited encrypted storage for passwords and data.
Automatic form filling and auto login.
Reliable password generator.
Secure digital wallet.
Protected notes.
Two-factor authentication.
Biometric authentication.
Portable USB version (Windows).
For all devices and browsers.
Cloud and local (via Wi-Fi) synchronization between devices.
Secure cloud storage for your passwords and data.
Secure password sharing.
Aid to endangered manatees.
Priority technical support.
Code : DA00PR-F54D7A-AEF799 / activate before 6/19/2019