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thank Sticky Password 3x lifetime license and 10x yearly license

What is sticky Password

It's a multi-device world. It's not uncommon to have a work PC, a home PC, a smartphone, and a tablet, often with different operating systems. Sticky Password helps you manage dozens, or hundreds, of passwords. You don't need to remember a thing -- except your master password for Sticky Password itself, of course. While Sticky Password doesn't force you to use a different password for each site, it makes it very easy to do so. It recognizes (most) login or account setup screens, and if it sees something that looks like it's asking you for a password, it can generate one, including mixed case, numbers, and symbols. Sticky Password integrates well with most major PC browsers. It appears as a clickable icon in the menu bar or status bar (depending on browser and preference), and thankfully does not add a toolbar. Support for browser upgrades is prompt. Sticky Password main features: - Sticky Password manages all your passwords and personal data - Automatically fills in forms for you - Generates extra-strong new passwords, whenever you need them - Stores credit card numbers for express checkout - AES‑256 encryption the world's leading standard also used by the military - Optional synchronization via local Wi‑Fi - your encrypted data never leaves your devices - Your master password for the manager is not known to anyone - not even to us - State‑of‑the‑art biometric authentication: fingerprint scanning - Password database auto‑lock - on your computer, tablet and smartphone - You're in control: at any time, you can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud - Works on your PC, Mac, Android / iOS tablets and smartphones - Excellent browser support: 16 browsers on all 4 major platforms

Saves you time. Keeps you safe.
Fills in online forms accurately and automatically. Anywhere you are

Code manager and form filler.

Sticky Code has-been keeping accounts and making people more effective since 2001. Along with encrypting and controlling your accounts, Sweaty Code 4.0 offers one -click on-line form-filling.
- defense against phishing key-loggers and uses through resources such as the new electronic keyboard
- support for multiple-access agreement techniques like Wireless and USB products
- auto-load of passwords and log-ins for programs and sites
- type-filling capacity with Sweaty Code "Details"
- USB-mobility - Lightweight Sweaty Code
- secure: the database is encoded using the best encryption methods in the market
- produces strong accounts
- extended assistance of programs and sites
- all Microsoft balances around the protected computer have their very own code database
- a simple first-run wizard and excellent interface
- simple transfer of accounts
AES‑256 encryption.
The world's most advanced encryption standard used by the US military and government is implemented with PBKDF2 SHA‑256 and salted hashes to provide the strongest protection.
2‑factor authentication.
When activated, two independent pieces of information provide extra protection for your data: your Master Password and a uniquely generated security code.
Master Password:eek:nly in your head.
Your Master Password isn't saved anywhere — we never save it on our servers or send it over the Internet. By default, we don’t even save it on your devices.


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in the end 3x lifetime license to Sticky Password Premium $199.99
10x yearly license to Sticky Password Premium $29.99
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The ability to synchronize between devices, unfortunately you can’t see the passwords, you can only copy them without looking.

Muhammad Adnan

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I will love to dream to have a 3x lifetime license to Sticky Password Premium $199.99 . This Software makes easy our life with typing free and autofill websites Login forms on Webs etc.:)


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In my opinion a dream comes true for everyone including me having a chance to win a lifetime license of Sticky Password Premium $199.99 . It is a great software and I am using it since a long time with a normal license.


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Sticky Password saves you time by recognizing password-protected websites and logging in to them automatically. Thanks to integration with a web browser and various applications, necessary user data and passwords are always at hand. Also, you should not worry about losing them - the program downloads them the first time, so they are always safe. In addition, it imports passwords from a web browser and other password managers using the installation wizard.


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Sticky Password Premium has various online and offline data syncing options and provides military-grade encryption for your data. It
is very straight forward and easy to organize and use. Most important of all, the price offered is attractive and affordable to most
pc users.


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Sticky Password отличный менеджер паролей. Поддерживает все браузеры (которыми я пользуюсь), Надежная программное обеспечение.

Sticky Password is an excellent password manager. Supports all browsers (which I use), Reliable software.


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Sticky Password is a multi-device password and personal data manager which automatically fills all online logins, generates extra-strong new passwords whenever needed and stores credit card details for express checkout using military grade AES‑256 encryption with an optional synchronization on connected devices via local Wi‑Fi.


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Windows 10 Chrome 79.0.3945.117
Sticky Password shines in everything : the functions for managing login credentials and other important data are well-explained and can be used with relative ease, the security options are top-notch, and there are extras like USB-portability, virtual keyboard, a password generator, and various device syncing options.
It is easy to maneuver through and is designed to keep password info safe and secure. Its effortless synchronization capabilities make it have an edge over its competitors.
The app’s dual authentication feature also gives it a competitive edge over its competitors. Sticky Password is simply a top-notch, reliable password manager everybody should not miss.

Thanks for this giveaway.
I would like to win this great!


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I am premium user since 2016, great product but it is real pain in the ass to find ever year new giveaway to extend my subscription, so please give me lifetime license!


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Thanks for the giveaway.

I need this program to store my passwords, passwords and other private information are not stored in a public form, I have access to my passwords only.



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Sticky Password creates a secure safe for passwords and sensitive data, which are protected by one main password. It is not stored anywhere, you have to remember only one password.


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Thanks a lot for the giveaway for such a nice password manager. Sticky Password is one of the best offline password managers on the market with great features and ability to sync all my devices in order to save the logins on my phone and on my PC.
Count me in please.


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Thanks for the giveaway.
Sticky Password is one of the most reliable password managers with a local database and cloud synchronization, it has integration into the main web browsers, and has many functions for securely storing information. Sticky Password works on USB flash memory devices and memory cards.


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Sticky Password Maneger it's perhaps the best program to manage passwors I have ever used. Thanks to this program I don't have to remeber my passwords to my accounts and I can quickly log in everywhere I want.