Star Wars: Battlefront II


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Star Wars: Battlefront II is a first-person shooter computer game with the ability to switch to a third-person view, set in the Star Wars universe, the fourth game in the Star Wars Battlefront series, which is a continuation of the previous part. The game was developed by Swedish company EA DICE in collaboration with Criterion Games and Motive Studios, and published by Electronic Arts for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.
Star Wars Battlefront II contains 11 modes and includes a wide variety of vehicles and weapons, as well as the ability to play as characters, soldiers and planets on all three eras of the universe.
Game modes
Complete superiority. In the "Complete domination" mode, two teams of 20 players each need to capture command posts, there are 5 of them on the whole map. If any team captures 3 or more command posts, it accumulates reinforcements. When one of the teams accumulates 100 units of reinforcement, it lands on the enemy ship and tries to destroy it from the inside. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy ship.
Superiority. In Domination mode, the squad size is limited to 8 players and you will need to complete combat missions to win.
Fight. The Skirmish mode represents active battles on small maps. The first team to eliminate 100 enemy fighters wins.
Starfighter battle. Two teams fight in space on starfighters, performing different combat missions.
Heroes against villains. 4v4 team battle between heroes and villains of all three eras of the Star Wars universe. The first team to eliminate 35 enemy heroes wins.
Arcade. Arcade mode - fight alone or with a partner against fighters controlled by artificial intelligence.
Galactic battle. Massive team battles on the famous battlefields of the Star Wars universe.
Clash of heroes. Two pairs of heroes fight each other in three rounds. The first team to win three rounds wins.
Starfighters of heroes. Two teams of 4 players fight in Hero Starfighters for three rounds of 5 minutes each. The goal of each round is to destroy all the starfighters of the enemy heroes. Destroyed hero fighters are replacing the regular fighters of various armies from Star Wars. The first team to win in three rounds wins.
Ewok hunting. The battle involves 20 players. The battlefield is Endor. At the beginning of the battle, the first Ewok is selected to kill the Empire's stormtroopers. Each stormtrooper killed is replaced with an Ewok. The aim of the stormtroopers is to stay alive and board the Imperial shuttle during the morning evacuation. The Ewoks' goal is to kill all stormtroopers.
Evacuation. The battle involves two teams of 8 players - the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. The battlefield is the Coaxia mines on Kessel. The Rebel Alliance carries cargo from the first checkpoint to the last. There are 4 control points in total. The cargo moves only if at least one player from the Rebel Alliance accompanies it. A certain time is allotted for the movement of the cargo from one control point to another, additional time is given when the control points are reached. The Rebel Alliance wins if the cargo reaches the last checkpoint in the allotted time, the Empire wins if the cargo does not reach the checkpoint in the allotted time.
Gameplay changes
Unlike the previous part, 4 playable classes were added to the game: Regular soldier, Heavy fighter, Officer and Specialist. Each class has its own unique abilities and benefits. Each class has its own type of weapon. For a soldier, these are blaster rifles, for a heavy fighter, a machine gun, for an officer, a blaster pistol, and for a specialist, sniper rifles. Weapons can be improved by putting different modifications on them (auto-cooling, ion shots, etc.). The system of star cards has been changed, now cards can improve the abilities of heroes, vehicles, fighters, soldiers and reinforcements. The cards now have levels (there are 4 of them). You can improve cards for experience points received when you get a new level of a fighter. Weapons can be obtained by killing a certain number of enemies, and by killing enemies with certain weapons, you can get modifications. Skins and emotes can be purchased with credits earned after matches. At the very beginning of the game, all heroes are free, and there is no need to pay for unlocks. The game also features a score system. For the points earned, you can summon reinforcements and heroes (when you call reinforcements or a hero, points are spent).
Single player campaign
After absence in the previous part, the single player campaign returned to the game. The campaign begins during the events of the Battle of Endor and 30 years before the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The plot tells the story of the fate of Eden Versio - the commander of the elite Imperial squad "Inferno", who remained loyal to the Empire after the death of the Emperor. The goal of the squad is to carry out the last order of the Sith Lord, namely, to begin Operation Ash, which should end the Rebel Alliance. Taking part in all the large-scale battles since the Battle of Endor and meeting almost all the main characters of that era, Eden Versio gradually begins to lose faith in the Empire, while watching the rise of the First Order.