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Star Chindly: SciFi Roguelike is a strategy with RPG elements that invites the player to take part in comic battles between humans and alien robots. Here the user will take part in battles in open space and in the corridors of starships and stations. In the first case, battles take place in real time, in the second they are turn-based. In any case, it is necessary to show tactical training and react in time to what is happening in order to successfully resist opponents. The project invites you to try yourself both in a single player campaign mode and in a free game with endless gameplay.

※ SciFi-Roguelike
- Exciting Space Battles. One mistake can be fatal and end your game!
※ A story of five chapters
-Star Chindy is a Roguelike game with an exciting story. Defeat powerful enemies in every chapter to secure the future of humanity.
※ Over 200 random events
- Various situations await you in space, such as dangerous asteroid fields, contact with merchant ships, dangerous pirates and strange alien living creatures. Free your way or negotiate with them!
※ Tactical army battles and ship battles in space
- Command your ships in real time and challenge turn-based military battles. Indications to Mechrons, how strong is humanity!
※ 30+ units and ships
- Star Chindy has over 30 different units and ships. You can hire mercenaries from space stations and capture ships on your journey. Grow into a powerful fleet!
※ 90+ items for units and ships
- Loot amazing items from fallen enemies! Steal equipment or buy goods to fully equip your ships and crew. Decide for yourself how to equip your units!
※ 110 + research
projects - your units and ships can be improved through research. Pay attention to your resources and then start researching or teaching!

1. What is "Bagel"?
- A game for the player that is completely reset when the main character dies.
2. Does this game work on my device?
- To play Star Chindy smoothly, we recommend a device with 1.5 GB of RAM or more.
3. Do we work refunds?
- Refunds are possible up to 2 hours after purchase, after which, unfortunately, no more.
4. How do I play Tutorial Barrage?
- First press “barrage”, then select your target, select half of the ammo in the bottom menu, and then press “OK.” Repeat the operation on the second target.
5. What happens to get up from my memory if I change the device?
- Currently, repositories are only available locally and cannot be transferred.
6. An error occurred during the game. Who should I contact?
Send us an email from your device and the specification of the bug to 'mastgames@naver.com'. We will answer you as soon as possible.
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