Spotify ?


Can't stop visiting
So am I not got this set up right? My music goes up and down with sound during my web browsing any ideas?


Can't stop visiting
Try going to the following - Control Panel > Sound > Communications - And taking a look at the check boxes here. There should be one that says "Do not adjust volume" or "Do nothing - Ensure that this is ticked. Hopefully this should stop the volume from messing around!


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Windows 10 Chrome 86.0.4240.193
Has your problem solved now? Maybe you can try to upgrade the Spotify app to the latest version. Spotify always updates it to fix some bugs. I also love to use this app to streaming songs but also encounter some problems and annoying ads. Recently I found that I can use a professional Spotify Music Converter Windows to download Spotify music offline and convert them to MP3 format. Then I can easily enjoy them without any trouble.