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Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter for Mac allows you to easily download and convert any Spotify songs, albums or playlists to MP3, M4A, WAV or FLAC with 100% original quality. The user-friendly interface supports drag&drop and copy&paste. Use this Spotify music converter to download Spotify to mp3 and enjoy Spotify music on any Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, TV, MP3 player, CD player etc. without any limitation.

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Thanks for sharing, Ondesoft looks like a great piece of software. But I am more accustomed to using FoneCope, I have been using it for half a year. I can easily download Spotify playlist to mp3.
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It's a pity to know that this giveaway promotion is in 2018. It's not available. So 2019 Halloween Day is coming, is there any other promotions?
As a matter of fact, I have seen a similar tool, called AudFree Spotify music converter. And have a 10% off discount. But I wonder to know whether is there a cheaper price?


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Am I late??
I always use Spotify to listen to songs and when the 3months free trial over, I pay for a premium. But after I know the converter, I think that it is more Cost-effective to download a converter than pay the premium.
I'm just a personal user so that I just think about my personal profit.
Ondesoft is amazing and another converter like DumpMedia or AMusicSoft are also doing it well~~


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I recently found another easy-to-use Spotify converter for Mac from Tunelf. I've tried it and the conversion speed is good. The best part is that the output quality is almost the same as the original one. Maybe you can have a try, if you care much about the music quality.