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6bfbbca92ea3f8de37b98d97cf0ee1ef.jpgbox_skt.png229909152b9531c450d7f8c5219edeff.pngSketch Drawer is a graphic editor designed to convert photos into pencil sketches. The program allows users to create unique pictures in the form of a drawn sketch (black and white or color) from a regular photo. When creating a pencil sketch, you can select your preferred settings and options. You can edit photos with SoftOrbits in two ways: manually or using predefined samples. The latter can be used as guides for beginners.
Turn your photos into realistic pencil drawings!
With Sketch Drawer you don’t need to be an artist to get professional drawings and sketches. The program has both ready-made presets and the ability to manually adjust the picture settings. The program also has a batch mode that allows you to apply the selected drawing settings to multiple photos.
The program has many tinctures for creating a variety of drawing styles, such as pencil drawing, pen, felt-tip pen.
Sketch Drawer is quick and easy to learn and use. Open the picture, choose the type of drawing from the finished set and get a great pencil drawing!
The program has many ready-to-use effects of pencil drawing to obtain different types of images.
You can edit each template by changing its settings to get the effects you want.
The available batch mode makes it easy to convert all your photos into drawings ..
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