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Let me out of this dream...
SmartPixel is an easy to use game recorder & video editor all in one program for PC and Android gamer. It offers powerful features to help gamer easily record, edit, upload and share game videos to their social network.

Regular price of this software product is $15.90. In this giveaway you can get it for free!

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I like a lot
OH !! - today I know - MSIE_8 - nothing :-(( . But Chrome - very well :) . That - I have what I need :)) .

DHRSG Archive is simply the best
Thank you for the giveaway! It's missing the setup download.

PS: What it is happening with the website? I'm trying to login but it does not show that I am loged in ... tryed resetting the password ... got new one in my mail box ... now I cannot change that system generated password in one of my own ... please fix this ... Have a good day! :)

Edit: It took few minutes to recognise my new password, but still things are not feeling right with the website ...
1 e.g.: "Anonym Click" on top the webpage right click on "Software Giveaway"