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Smart Game Booster is a Windows operating system optimizer that can temporarily close the background process and unnecessary Windows services and is designed to improve computer performance in games and other applications. The program also can optimize RAM, disks and startup items. Added the ability to monitor the temperature of the processor, GPU, motherboard and fan speed in real time, plus it shows FPS information in games
* Key features of the program
System optimization - it is easy to complete a useless process, free up more system resources, clean up RAM and startup elements. Just click the “Boost” button.
• Temperature and fan speed control
A real-time monitor and a graphical display of the CPU, GPU, motherboard temperature and fan speed along with the FPS value when you play.
• game launch
Add all your PC games to Smart Game Booster. Run games through the program, and at the time of the game, all unnecessary processes and services will be disabled.
• Cleaning and restoration, process optimization
It will help optimize your system settings to improve the system registry, the performance of the disk subsystem and improve the Internet connection to maintain the stability of your system.
• Disk optimization
Speed up your computer with quick and easy disk defragmentation. Quick defragmentation and deep defragmentation solve problems such as long response times, and also helps to extend the life of the disk and make it difficult to lose saved files. For SSDs, the defragmentation procedure is useless, and even harmful!
• Driver update
An outdated driver is one of the main causes of glitches in the game, blue screen and system crash. The program can automatically detect outdated drivers, download and install the latest ones to provide you with the best visual and auditory gameplay on your computer.

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Registration key: 1CB4E-98556-4CF85-A6DB4


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Smart Game Booster Pro 4.2.1 (rerun)

>>6 months + updates


Installation-Unzip the package you`ve downloaded and install the software by running Setup.exe,
1) Tap the "3-line" icon in the TOP LEFT corner (!!! not in the right)
2) Choose "Register"
3) Enter the activation code to activate the Pro

Registration key:
NB: After you have successfully registered the software, please do not update it or reinstall, otherwise the registered version would be turned into a trial.
You have to install and activate it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.

Terms and conditions:
Please note that the software you download and install during the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations:
1) No free technical support
2) No free upgrades to future versions
3) Strictly non-commercial usage