24 hours or less Giveaway SkanApp Plus - quickly scan to PDF without hands


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Often we are faced with the problem of having to translate a paper document into an electronic form, especially to those who study (schoolchildren, students) or work on translating texts and with documentation. SkanApp Plus will be a good helper for this task.
For the convenience of working with the application, the smartphone should be placed in a Skanstick or similar device, but this is not a prerequisite.
Very high scanning speed - more than 250 pages in 10 minutes, which will help to quickly disassemble the accumulated documents.
The application recognizes more than 100 languages, using only the phone, without an internet connection.
There is an automatic, built-in email service SkanApp Plus and many more other features, they are described in detail in the description of the application.

The developers have taken care of the training video with the choice of the language you need: https://go2get.wistia.com/medias/ipd4gl9nb5