SHADE Sandbox Home Edition


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SHADE Sandbox is a powerful solution for protecting your computer from cyber attacks and malware. The program is a so-called “sandbox”, where you can run and test any application without harming your operating system and computer as a whole.
This program is the most effective in a pair with antivirus software on your computer, functionally complementing each other.
Sandbox technology will reliably protect against new and unknown threats that your antivirus does not detect yet, prevent the installation of unwanted toolbars, add-ons and applications, securely open suspicious URL links and websites, etc.
Conveniently, the SHADE Sandbox tool does not require database updates, signatures, or individual program components — you installed and use the sandbox even without connecting to the network. Working with the application is very simple: after installation, simply drag (Drag and drop) the icon of the desired program into the sandbox's working window, from where you can launch a suspicious element without worrying about possible undesirable consequences - the registry, system files and other important data are reliably protected from hacker attacks and the influence of malicious software (viruses, worms, trojans, etc.).
In addition to all of the above, working in a sandbox you keep your privacy on the Internet, because the history of visited pages, cookies, temporary files and other information are isolated from the real environment of the operating system and are not saved anywhere.


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