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Seed4.Me VPN and Proxy - a service for anonymous and secure web surfing.
Seed4.Me provides high-quality VPN access thanks to its own servers in more than 30 countries of the world / Sweden, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Latvia, Great Britain, Japan, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Israel, Canada, India, South Korea, South Africa, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Since the VPN infrastructure is organized in a high-performance cluster, you are automatically connected to the best free server in the selected country. The service does not establish restrictions on the amount of data transferred, while all connections are encrypted.

• The offer is valid only for new users of the service.
• The subscription extends to an unlimited number of devices within one personal account.
• During the subscription validity period free updates and technical support are available.

Visit the
page "Create a new account", enter the address of your mailbox, / promo code: OCTSD1YEAR /, create a password, activate the agreement item → "Registration".
Confirm the email address by clicking on the link in the email received → download and install Seed4.Me VPN on any of your device / PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone /, during installation, select "Sign in with an existing account."
After going through the application pre-settings, select "Thank you, I will use it for free."