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SecureAPlus is a free PC security solution that protects you from malware

Regular price of this software product is $22.50 per PC/Year. In this giveaway you can get it for free!

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is it usefull ?
Yeah! It will take a while to do the Full Initial System Scan since they need to create your unique application whitelist and to scan the current state of your PC system to ensure that there are no existing threats so got to be patient with this process. After which, there is nothing much for you to configure unless you are advanced user. As for me, I'm a basic home user so I like how they have the 12 AV engines which means more reliable detection rates ;) and interestingly to know about how easy and simple their Application Whitelisting is, pretty much nothing for me to manage. Just that when I run a new application, it will prompt me whether to unblock and trust the application. Absolute control of what is running in my computer! It's compatible with my Bitdefender which they mention that SecureAPlus is compatible with any commercial AV. Also, I went to their website and realized they have a referral program called Viral Security Program which allows you to extend SecureAPlus Premium License for free (P.S. can even redeem perpetual license! :O) so long you help them to share about this program! I guess it's their way of thanking users who show strong support for SecureAPlus!